Beginning Space Cowgirl


I’m starting this blog for two reasons. First, I’m starting to write down and document the process of making Space Cowgirl. In documenting my methodology and being transparent about the process I’m going through, I hope that one day other artists can look at my successes and failures and learn from them. Second, every day I get the same feeling in my heart. It’s a feeling of impending failure. There are so many doubts that crawl through my mind. What if it’s too late to do this album? What if the music is good, but my vocal contributions are not? What if people think I suck? Am I the right person to do Space Cowgirl? So the second reason I’m doing this is to document and hopefully expunge those fears. Perhaps by relegating them to the paper I can purge them from my mind.

Today, I just wanted to share a little bit about what this blog is. I’m trying to keep the posts short for now, so I can make sure I keep the consistency up. I have no expectations of anyone reading it. I just want to make space for myself. I’m doing that on Space Cowgirl, and that’s one of the reasons I’m incredibly excited for the album. It feels crazy to open up an artistic space for myself and myself only, and to center my ideas and myself! It feels so good in fact, that I spend most days in agony. It takes so long to manifest, that by the time I finally finish a song, months have gone by and those feelings that inspired the song have been long stifled. I need  another space for myself, so I’m taking it.

I want to try to end things on a contstructive note, especially since a lot of the thoughts weighing on my mind feel very DEstructive. So I have a question for whoever is reading. Have you ever felt this way before about a project? Have you ever sped up the timeline in a project you cared about? How did it end up? Today, I will focus on writing out all of my feelings, especially the ones that weigh heaviest on my mind, and I will work on transforming them into building blocks for construction. You’ll see that work on medium over the next few weeks. Till then!


Jessica Spicer