Sometimes things are going so great you just want to shout about it from the mountain tops...things are really clicking into place.

I AM SO THANKFUL!!! Truly, I am. With the tools available to me I know for a fact that I can succeed—and I’m putting in the work. I just reached 25k streams on Spotify. I am so thankful for every stream, every chance to be seen. I am now moving to building my socials ahead of my next single release. I’ve decided to release all my own music myself and own all of my own masters (don’t want to end up like T-Swift).I got invited to participate in United Masters (check them out here:, and my song “On Repeat” is finally engaging the discover weekly playlists on Spotify...I have hired a personal assistant to help with my accounting and I am so excited for my future.

Underneath all the excitement is a strongdesire for community. I have a dream of joining a group of artists who can critique and grow our crafts together. I want a group of people to dream with, to set goals with and to celebrate our milestones. My dreams are so big that sometimes I feel lonely. Excitement is one of the best feelings to have, but it is amplified when you have someone who shares that excitement. So that is one of my next goals: community building.

Jessica Spicer